Yes, You CAN!

Yes, you CAN support Wiki Politiki, a first small step toward a truly independent media platform offering conversations for co-creation that shed light instead of merely generating heat.

We are raising funds in four ways:

Founding Sponsors. These are the “early wisers” who recognize the value and have the financial resource to kick in the magic figure, $333. Founding Sponsors are listed (if they so choose, some want to remain anonymous) on our Founders Page with their logo and a link to their “work of heart” and they will be celebrated on that page in perpetuity. (We also have other categories for those who are willing and able to donate more.)

Membership. For $75 folks can “join the upwising”, support Wiki Politiki by joining our community, and participate in special Zoom and Facebook Live events with video interviews with key luminaries.

Three-Month Trial Membership. For folks who want to dip their toes in the water, for $33 they can join for three months (through the end of April) and can re-up for the entire year for another $42. All members and trial members will receive FOUR special bonus gifts from the Swami and I: The Reuniting America e-book written with conservative transpartisan pioneer Joseph McCormick; the Fool Enchilada Special, 5 hours of cosmic comedy with the Swami; TWO live video performances exclusively available for members.

Radio Sponsorship. We have two 30-second spots available for each broadcast show, and when the show goes into the archives, these spots go with. So no telling how many times they will be heard, and how many people they will reach. And because these spots are limited, we want to make sure the product or service is resonant with and relevant to our mission. If you think you or your organization might be interested, please contact me at <[email protected]>

To “Join the Upwising” as a sponsor or member, please go to our PayPal account and simply input an amount. (You can even donate smaller amounts if you choose.)
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