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Introducing Wiki Politiki

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— A radio show that is entertaining, informative, inspiring and enlightening, that highlights the words and works of illuminaries and “solutionaries” who will help us heal the body politic, and create and inhabit a world that works for all

— A library of interviews that create the foundation for (in Charles Eisenstein’s words) the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible

— A monthly video conference with solutionaries on the leading edge that will inspire and challenge you

— Being part of a community of co-hearts that will spark an evolutionary upwising, a place and space that will empower a “movement of movements” to move us from reaction to creation

— Political guru and uncommontator Swami Beyondananda providing the right touch of comedy disguised as wisdom and wisdom disguised as comedy to shed the light of laughter on the endarkened corridors of power — just the thing for serious times when there is definitely something funny going on!

Interested … Curious?

Well then, welcome to Wiki Politiki, a radio show set to launch November 7th, featuring author, humorist and political philosopher Steve Bhaerman and his cosmic comic sidekick, Swami Beyondananda. 

We’re partnering with Om Times Radio ( to bring you a live weekly broadcast (Tuesdays at 2 pm PT / 5 pm ET) that will be broadcast at other times throughout the English-speaking world, and archived at Om Times so anyone can hear any show at any time … and share it with their community!

Starting in January, we will also offer (to our members) live video events with key solutionaries on specific issues — listeners get to choose who we interview and the topics.

Help Us Launch

As Milton Friedman didn’t quite say, there’s no such thing as a “free launch”. In order to set up the website, pay for production and cover my time as a host and producer requires resource. Here’s how you can help:

Become A Founding Angel or Sponsor

If you have the capacity you can become an Angel or Founder, and you will be forever “enshrined” on the Founder Page with your logo / photo and a link to your website. Here are the categories:

$333 Gift … Founding Sponsor

$1,000 Gift … Founding Angel

$2,500 Gift … Profound Founding Angel

$5,000 Gift … Profounder Founding Angel

$10,000 Gift …Profoundest Founding Angel

 All Angels and Founders will be acknowledged on our Founders Page (or not, if you wish to remain anonymous) and when we launch our member platform, you will be honored as a lifetime member.  ALL ANGELS WILL BE LIFETIME SPONSORS.

In addition to being listed on the Founders Page, Founding Sponsor benefits include:

√ Scrolling and revolving logo ads on Wiki homepage

√ A audio / video interview relating your own work and mission to the “great upwising” that will be part of our Conversations for Co-Creation — and that you can use and circulate any way you choose

Become A Founding Member

A yearly membership is $75. Member benefits include:

√ FREE monthly conference call with solutionaries and illuminaries (live video chat)

√ FREE bi-monthly call with Swami Beyondananda — Karma Talk

√ Special deals and discounts at the official Wiki Politiki bookstore

√ Discount for Wake Up Laughing online tutorials and events

Become A Founding Donor

For a donation of $25, you get (in addition to our undying gratitude):

√ The Reuniting America e-book, written with conservative transpartisan pioneer Joseph McCormick

√ The Digital Swami Video of Your Choice — either last year’s Totally Clips of the Swami, or the more recent Sanity Cruise Live in Santa Cruz … each about an hour of cosmic comedy that can help relieve the symptoms of electile dysfunction, truth decay, and the lingering effects of Mad Cowboy Disease

You can become a Sponsor, Member or Donor through PayPal.

Gifts are not tax deductible … and can be made through my PayPal account here.   
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You can also send a check made out to Steve Bhaerman at:

Wake Up Laughing Productions, 1535 Farmers Lane #281, Santa Rosa, CA 95405

Thank you for being a fan, a supporter, a co-heart on the journey, and thank you for helping me offer my “work of heart” that I hope will make the world better for all.

May the FARCE be with you,

Steve Bhaerman

What They Are Saying About Steve’s (and Swami’s) Political Uncommontary

Great post Steve. Clear and insightful. Well done!

Damn, Swami! You nailed it…again!

Your eloquent voice of experience, creative compassionate wisdom, and never-ending realist humor are what we need to heed! 

Thank you Steve, for the best read of the day.  Do you mind if I pass it on to my own readership?

This is one of the best of your posts. Honest. Experiential. You. Keep going. 

Great writing, and insightful writing. The world is fucked up, but it hasn’t beaten you and dropped you to your knees. 

Thank you for your brilliance, clarity, proactive pluck!

You are a breath of fresh, CLEAN air Steve!

This is one of the most insightful and inspiring newsletters you have ever written (and there have been many).

Steve, this is so quintessentially brilliant I just had to reproduce it as is on my blog. Hope you’re fine with that, and I’m so impressed with your superhuman stamina!

You have written such a brilliant article. I am sending your article to friends around the country who perhaps do not subscribe to Wake Up Laughing. 

Again I thank you for expressing what I (and many people) feel, and for doing it with humor and eloquence.

Your piece is written directly from the heart of enlightenment and compassion. You speak to what so many of us know as generosity of spirit. One day maybe we will wake up from our collective dream of judgment and blame and look inside, where you suggest. Until then we need voices like yours to inform and reform our world. Well done.

I so enjoy the way you write ~ it always makes me feel a bit more “bulletproof.” I figure that when the world ends, we won’t go out with a bang, fire or a flood…we’ll just die laughing and forget to notice that the lights went out.

Thank you for the gift of a thoughtful, insightful, and wise essay.

Is everyone standing up, while guffawing and applauding your email or is it just me?

Brilliant beyond measure!

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