Voting Democrat This Year Is a No-Bahrainer!

“The problem with failing to choose the lesser of two evils is … you end up with the greater evil.”– Swami Beyondananda

The greatest frustration in the bipolar insanity of our “two-potty” system is that until we the people find a way to speak in one voice, we inevitably must choose between two unsatisfying alternatives – the shameless and the spineless.

Well, the choice just became a lot easier, with the revelation that the chief financier for the Republican election efforts, the “U.S. Chamber of Commerce” has its offices in Bahrain.


Well, it kind of makes sense.  If we’re going to outsource all of our jobs, why not outsource governance itself?

If there has been any doubt that the “new world order” intends to turn the world into one big third world country with the ruling elites safe in gated communities, this should put that doubt to rest.  One can only hope that those social conservatives who habitually vote Republican for patriotic reasons will join the upwising and awaken to the realization that Tea Party or not, putting the Republicans back in power will reinforce government of, by and for the power of money – and not necessarily American money.

For the past two weeks, I have been in Germany and Norway, and I can say that these European nations are now facing the same kinds of threats from the forces of globalization – which the Swami has called “gobble-ization.”  They are being assaulted by the Monsantos and other mega-corporations that seek to rule the world at any cost.  The good news is, there is a growing worldwide realization that the awakening people of the world must speak and act in one voice to counterbalance the unchecked power of the financial elites.

As I wrote in a recent post, my prayer is that the election of 2010 be the last bullshit election where the corporate media calls the shots, and the two conspiring parties of the corporate state limit our choices.  We have a ways to go until there is a truly independent and powerful citizens movement, but this movement will indeed make itself known in the next 6-8 months.  Meanwhile, my suggestion – particularly to those of a progressive bent – is that we come out in droves next month to show the world (and ourselves) that the crest of awakening that swept Barack Obama into office is fully present, Obama or Nobama.

Earlier this year, California’s PGE spent $46 million to convince the electorate to give it a monopoly over California’s electric energy industry.

But the public wasn’t buying it, and the proposition was defeated.  In terms of the “up-wising,” this is very positive news.  So … now is no time to be intimidated or discouraged by the huge amounts of money the Chamber of Commerce (along with California Republicans Whitman and Fiorina) is spending to prevent any check or balance on corporate rule.  Instead, we need to use this “disadvantage” to our advantage, to assert our strength, and to demonstrate that the power of citizens acting in concert is more powerful that the raw power of money.

I happen to think that the Tea Parties are a positive thing, a sign of up-wising of the conservative citizenry.  While I largely identify with the progressive “tribe,” I find many of the policies of the liberal establishment to be flawed.  Voting Democrat this year is not about either punishing or rewarding the Democrats.  It is about asserting the power of the people, and in this election it means “refudiating” the Republican Party.

Or as the Swami says, “If we want to kick Ass, we must first get the Elephant off of our neck.”

Swami and Steve’s Oslo to Jupiter tour is underway.  Read about it here.

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4 Responses to Voting Democrat This Year Is a No-Bahrainer!

  1. I had been reading about your topic, “Voting Democrat This Year Is a No-Bahrainer! | Notes From the Trail” at one of the other web sites I retain in my website reader. You happen to be more or less in complete agreement with each other. It seriously isn’t what I imagined, nonetheless I’m beginning to see now that I’m in all probability wrong… enlightening..

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  3. admin says:

    Thanks, Stan. It is true indeed that the two current polarities are inadequate, and dysfunctionally destructive. However, None of the Above is a proclamation of powerlessness, and doesn’t really create an alternative. That is why my colleague Joseph McCormick and I are writing a book called The Transpartisan Upwising: A Grassroots Evolution. You can read more about it here:

  4. Stan says:

    Thoughtful stuff, Steve. But I’m not sure that voting Democratic is the answer. It sends the wrong signal; stays on the more-of-the same level. We the People need to put pressure on the Powers that Be to put a None of the Above choice on the ballot. Of course, people can already do that by voting with their feet, and refusing to play the game; but that just leaves the same old gang in charge (as you say, the corporate state). So, more needs to be done.

    A voting spot for None of the Above is one answer. Another is to follow up on your ‘Bucky’ initiative, and provide The People with a First Party alternative, by spelling the choice out more clearly. To say: We are on the cusp of major change. The Western political system, at the least, is corrupt; the global economic system is corrupt, and about to collapse, under the weight of its internal contradictions (short-term gain for long-term pain; a socio-economic philosophy of planned obsolescence at a critical time of need for conservation of resources; etc. etc.). And about time. About time: It’s time to go neither Left nor Right but up, to a new level. You are alluding to it; but look at it more closely.

    Consider where we are at in terms of the insightful Hegelian dialectic of thesis-antithesis-synthesis: the Right has championed individualism/competition with a religious aspect; the Left has championed collectivism/cooperation with an anti-religious aspect; the latter believing (by and large) that we can get to a better world via cooperation, a big state with a big stick, and a secular humanistic philosophy; the former believing (by and large. Humor me here. You’re good at that) that we can get to a better world via free individuals, a small state by definition, and a religious perspective. Never the twain shall meet? Maybe not on the historical level of the process; but if we take the process up a notch…we are talking the equivalent of the kingdom of heaven on earth. And lo and behold: We have the technological ability to accomplish such a munificent state of affairs. In our time.

    The secular humanistic philosophy – that is, basically, the Marxian philosophy – is not sufficient for this process to achieve its end. Trying to force recalcitrants to be Good via the power of the state is a losing cause; it gives people no real reason for being, except in and for itself. Dreary stuff. It also does not do away with money, which is a requirement for the proper kingdom to ‘land’ on earth, because it’s a faulty motivator. People have become conditioned, with interest-bearing money (and fractional-reserve banking, the other training wheel we have been using on our social vehicle), to do things for the money involved (ie, as an end rather than as a means). The kingdom of heaven lands when we give of our best, in the exchange of goods and services, and the exercise of individual & collective ingenuity, out of gratitude to our Creator for life with meaning – reflecting that we are, first and foremost, ‘spiritual beings having a human experience’; and thus that there is Plan in and Purpose to ‘the universe’ – to life, beyond just in and for itself.

    As for the evidences for such a continuum, that’s for another blog. Just, for now, to say that:

    it’s time. And well done for recognizing that. And for recognizing that inside yourself.

    As more and more will, and are.