The Video That Stopped Me Dead, No, Startled Me Alive in My Tracks

“The truth shall UPSET you free.”  — Swami Beyondananda

Every now and then something so graphic appears, that keys into an issue so profoundly that no further explanation is needed. Please watch this video now. It’s about six and a half minutes long, and it will shock, and hopefully stir you to a new awareness and action.

Watch the video NOW before reading any further.

OK, good.

Now you probably already thought that wealth distribution is unfairly skewed in this country. What this video graphic shows in such stark detail is HOW MUCH it is skewed, and how this imbalance is far, far greater than we think. It might explain another recent article that reported that 56% of Americans have less than $1,000 in their bank accounts, and nearly 25% have less than $100.

I’ll get right to the point.

There is ONE THING happening right now that will make a difference — that IS making a difference — and that is the Bernie Sanders campaign for President. Ah, I can hear that sigh from you long-suffering progressives. You’ve seen how over the past 35 years, the Democratic Party has become the “other corporate party”, the place where progressive votes go to die.

This year is different. Very different. Young voters have awakened, and the under-30 crowd in Iowa went for Bernie over Hillary 84% to 13%. So … you might say, so what? Anyone who has lifted the veils to any extent knows how entrenched this system is, and how little influence electoral politics seems to have.

My answer is, yes I know. I have been studying political science since the 1960s, and I have no illusions about the darkness that has prevailed until now. That’s why I see the Sanders campaign as a crack in the system that will let the light in — potentially so much light, that we the people (like the 92% of us surveyed in the video) will recognize and assume our own power.

The one thing that is different about the Bernie campaign — different even from activist Ralph Nader’s third party run sixteen years ago — is that there is a movement building underneath, behind and even in front of Bernie. It is a growing movement, and regardless of the outcome in the primaries or in November, it will continue to grow. Electing Bernie will give voice to this movement, and this movement will give Bernie the “ground support” he will need if elected.

Bernie is no savior, and many of his other policies are old paradigm.

Join Swami in Santa Cruz on March 4th for a March Forth for Bernie event, details below

Join Swami in Santa Cruz on March 4th for a March Forth for Bernie event, details below

But his election will signal a shift toward a new world view, led by the Millennials who actually will be living in this world for the next half century or more. It is the one thing we have in front of us now than can and very likely WILL move the dial — first on economic inequality, next on climate change, and ultimately in moving from a system based on fear and “survival of the fittest” to one based on love, connection and “thrival of the fittingest.

No, Bernie cannot do all of that for us. However, he can facilitate the field where we can more easily do that for ourselves, and — incidentally — in time to save our species form extinction.

And because of that, I have taken on a mission for the next three months and I ask you to support me if you are willing and able. Given the hugely positive response I have gotten to my recent blogs about Bernie, it sparked a new mission for certainly primary season, and if we are fortunate, for the next nine months.

I am launching a weekly Bernie Blog (with updates more frequently) that will do the following for the campaign, for the body politic, and for the future we all know is possible:

  1. Glean and proliferate the most pertinent material in support of the Sanders campaign, and weave it into a larger context.
  1. Specifically seek to reach the boomers and older folks who have been playing it safe in supporting Hillary, and show them how Bernie can and will do much, much better than she will in the general election.
  1. Gather ideas and energy to build a movement around and through this campaign, a movement that gives Bernie the ground cover to address and courageously face the seemingly intractable corporate state.
  1. Create and empower that movement independent of the Sanders campaign.
  1. Use the three blogging platforms I have now, the Huffington Post, Daily Kos and OpEd News — along with my own growing list that includes other cultural creatives and transpartisans — to spread the word throughout communities that may have been politically dormant until now.
  1. Do it with wit and humor, in a way that will be picked up and virally shared.

Yes, there is a “people’s upwising” afoot where more and more people every day recognize that the one thing that just might save our species during these times of crisis is awakening to our connection with one another and the web of life, and acting on that connection. There are many, many, many projects and ideas that have been moving this upwising forward. In his book Blessed Unrest, Paul Hawken cites literally hundreds of thousands of well-intentioned nonprofits working to address one aspect of the “problem”. As “single-cell organisms” they can thrive in a limited way, but ultimately are in competition with one another for funding.

What is required is a movement.

That movement currently has no name, and needs no name. At this very moment it is working through the Bernie Sanders campaign. If you agree, please support him and / or contribute to his campaign here.

Join Swami for a fund-raising event for Bernie Sanders on March 4th in Santa Cruz. Details below.

If you like my approach and posts, please share them widely and encourage others to do the same. And if you agree that these posts can “loverage” support for Bernie, and you would like to help me help Bernie help us all, you can make a financial contribution in any amount through my PayPal account [email protected] (I am not being paid by the Sanders campaign or any other organization … just by individuals like yourselves who see the value of this work and want it to move forward.)

Click here to donate via PayPal Donate Button

Again, I thank you for reading this and supporting this endeavor if it feels right to you.

The upwising has begun!

Steve Bhaerman


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