The BEGINNING of the World As We “Know” It?

“So the world didn’t end on May 21st. Sure, those who hoped to live happily ever rapture are a little disappointed, but hey – it’s not the end of the world, right?”
— Swami Beyondananda

Well, the world didn’t end last Saturday. But parts of our old world consciousness are certainly on the ropes. A few weeks ago, we witnessed (or, in this case, did not witness) the “death” of Osama bin Laden, the symbolic boogieman we’ve been fighting for the past decade. And this past weekend, when rumors of the death of our world proved greatly exaggerated, fear-and-ignorance-based religiosity took a hit.

Could this be the beginning of the world as we “know” it?

While markers of apocalyptic collapse are very much with us, so is the official definition of apocalypse – the lifting of the veils, and the shattering of illusions. Notice what happened in the wake of the “Osama” killing. While the media encouraged an orgy of celebration, it didn’t last very long, did it? You know anyone who’s still celebrating? The irony curtain has become very porous in recent years, and the manipulation is showing. In the sober light of the morning after, more and more people are asking, “So why are we still at war in Afghanistan?”

This past weekend’s rapture no-show will likewise move the upwising forward. A recent survey suggests that some 40% of Americans believe in the rapture, which might be considered “bad” news, except that six years ago that figure was 55%. So, we might anticipate even more migration from an idea whose time has come and gone to a more mature spirituality.

And that brings us to “the beginning of the world as we know it” – or as we are coming to know it.

Because what we now know about the world – thanks to “new edge science” and the liberation of perennial spiritual wisdom from protective custody (the up-side of the lifting of veils) – affirms that all is connected. Quantum physics indicates that matter is little more than vibrating energy, and that our material world is subject to an energetic field. Meanwhile, discoveries in the field of epigenetics suggest that our cells are likewise subject to a field of thoughts, feelings, beliefs and perceptions. We are not passive victims of either a vengeful God or genetic determinism. We are conscious co-creators of our lives, our reality, and our world.

Some anonymous wit once said that spirituality is our relationship with the Divine, and religion is “crowd control.” Until now, the vast majority of humanity has been subject to programmed fear and limitation, and crowd control has been deemed necessary. At this time, however, more and more children of God are evolving to adults of God. With ancient spiritual traditions being liberated from secrecy, more of us are finding that One Spirit inside of ourselves rather than through some external intercessor. And more of us are recognizing that what religion has called “spirit” and what science is calling the “field” is pretty much the same invisible moving force.

In Spontaneous Evolution, Bruce Lipton and I suggest that the next phase of human evolution is the recognition that each of us is a cell in the body of humanity. In other words, evolutionary science is now echoing Jesus’ One Suggestion: Love thy neighbor as thyself (because thy neighbor IS thyself). This new and functional understanding will transform religious discourse from the yipping and yapping of barking dogmas, to the recognition that all dogmas ultimately answer to the same Master. And, as we see ourselves as part of the same “body,” the notions of peace and cooperation that have been termed “utopian” can now be seen as “health and sanity.”

We are going through a difficult passage, and whether or not we make it is still an open question. However, the question “can we evolve?” is actually a pretty useless question. A better question is, “HOW do we evolve?”

So, let us welcome those who are disappointed that the “hereafter” isn’t here yet into the “here now” as we gather under one big intent to re-grow the Garden and have a heaven of a time doing it. We release the long-held belief that this world is a field of nightmares, and we embrace the idea that it is a field of dreams instead. We – individually and collectively – are the Dreamer.

It’s time to take the Field.

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