Swami at Conspiracy Con … Ssshhhh!

Swami Beyondananda To Speak At Conspiracy Con

Oh, and the Issue Isn’t Conspiracy … It’s Con’s Piracy


“Conspiracy?  It means breathing together.  If we all gather together under one big intent – to breathe in the love, and breathe out the fear – the whole world will breathe easier. –Swami Beyondananda 


Well, once again this year, the Swami has been invited to speak at the Conspiracy Con at the Crowne Plaza in Milpitas, CA June 1st and 2nd and the question is, what will he say?

Probably the same thing he said to the group five years ago:  “When I first heard the Conspiracy Conference, I was skeptical.  But now I’m a believer.  This conference didn’t just happen … it was PLANNED!”

That got a big laugh, and those folks who are most willing to look down the rabbit hole definitely need a laugh.  Swami then noticed that sitting at a front table was journalist Jim Marrs, who’s written extensively about the Kennedy assassination. Swami looked at him and said, “I know the REAL story.”

He was clearly intrigued, so Swami asked him a question, “What was it that John F. Kennedy didn’t do that broke precedent with every President before him?”

Magically, Jim Marrs knew the answer.  “He didn’t wear a hat.

“That’s right,” the Swami said.  “That’s why he was done in by the millinery industrial complex.”

Another big laugh … about a dark, dark subject.

So, seriously.  How can we, and why should we laugh at the darkness?  Well for one thing, hearty laughter puts us in the heart, and the heart (coeur) is the place of courage.  Laughter lights up the endarkened corridors of power, and gives us the courage to lift the veils in these apocalyptic times.

And as you probably are aware, the meaning of the word “apocalypse” is “the lifting of the veils.

Seeing the mechanisms of power “naked” can be shocking, to say the least.  So it’s understandable why the phrase “conspiracy theory” is used as a dismissal attack by those unwilling (or unable) to confront the unconfrontable.  I mean, if you have credible evidence that our government killed John Kennedy and Martin Luther King, or allowed the 9/11 attacks to happen, what do you do about it?  How do you “be” with it?  How do you deal with legitimate concerns about the illegitimacy of the powers in power?

Denial?  Paralysis?  Apathy?  Consuming rage that creates more heat than light?

It’s my contention that the body politic has been in a state of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder since JFK was shot nearly 50 years ago.  (In fact, one of the presentations at the Conspiracy Con is JFK:  50 Years Later, the Assassination of America.)

So I’m going to step away from the word “conspiracy” and create some space that should make the real issue clear.

Conspiracy? It’s Really a “Con’s Piracy”

What we are really confronting is a “con’s piracy.”  Our commonwealth has been stolen by a small group of sociopathic con artists who have successfully convinced the general public that their inhuman nature is our human nature.

Think about it.

As Stefan Verstappen points out in this must-watch 15 minute video psychopathic cheaters have a tremendous advantage over those who play by the rules.  Those who operate completely and utterly on individual self-interest, without conscience or care, have the least qualms about doing anything to anyone if it serves their interests.  A few years ago, it occurred to me that those who perpetrated the war in Iraq wouldn’t hesitate to do to any of us what they did to Iraqi civilians if we “got in their way.”

Is this paranoid?

Five years ago, it was easy to blame the neocons and villainize Dick Cheney.  Now?  Now that Obama has become O-bomb-a, it should be more clear that being in power in America DEMANDS sociopathic behavior.  It comes with the job, since the corporate state has become a fully blown sociopathic enterprise.

And the media?  They intentionally focus on the lowly criminal to divert our attention from the highly-criminal.

So, let’s pull our heads out of the rabbit hole and the ostrich hole and celebrate some good news.  I love it when someone insists that the entire world is being run by a tiny cadre of evildoers.  I say, “That’s GREAT NEWS!  It means there’s way, way, way more of us than there are of them.”

Remember what Tonto said when the Lone Ranger pointed out that they were surrounded by Indians.  He said, “What you mean WE, kemosabe?”

Until now, the majority of us have tacitly agreed to live by the psychopath’s rules.  Consider the popularity of the TV show, Survivor.  As Stefan Verstappen points out in the video, here is a show that celebrates and rewards lying, cheating, and cold-blooded manipulation.  The “nice guys” get exiled first, and the last sociopath standing is proclaimed King of the Island.

Likewise, consider the popularity of the TV series The Sopranos several years ago, where a mafia don who considers murder all in a day’s work is presented as having a “normal” family life.  Is this some kind of preparation for family values devolving into “Soprano Family values?”

So before we ask, “what do we do?” let’s ask the more primal question, “Who do we be?”

It turns out that modern science and ancient wisdom are curiously aligned on this one.  At the root of every religious and ethical tradition is some form of the Golden Rule, acknowledging that our health and sanity lies in connection, not in fighting other healthy “cells.”  And now evolutionary science is coming to recognize that cooperation has been a key component in human survival.

So, yes … who ARE we?  And living out of a more full and positive view of human nature, how do we activate a new world moral authority that is realized from the grassroots up instead of being imposed from the top down?

Maybe the answer lies in a REAL conspiracy.  The Swami will use the Conspiracy Con to call for a worldwide open conspiracy to breathe together as one sane and healthy human organism.  And then, instead of wasting energy and resource “fighting” evil, we will find nourishment elsewhere, and institutional evil will die of starvation.

Steve Bhaerman is author and humorist and also known by his cosmic comic alter ego Swami Beyondananda (http://www.wakeuplaughing.com/).  He is also author with Bruce Lipton of the paradigm-busting book, Spontaneous Evolution:  Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There From Here.

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