Signs of Human Evolution – The Wake Up Laughing, Wise Up Loving Tour Begins Ahead of Schedule

Dear Friends and Co-Hearts:

Well, what do you know?

The Wake Up Laughing, Wise Up Loving Tour has begun, even though it hasn’t started yet.

While the tour is focused around Swami performances and appearances by Steve promoting Spontaneous Evolution, there is another focus as well:  Discovering and reporting “signs of human evolution.

That is only partly tongue-in-cheek.  As Bruce Lipton and I suggest in Spontaneous Evolution, the next phase of human evolution is the recognition that we are each and all cells in the body of a new organism called Humanity.  And looking at patterns of evolution over billions of years, each new phase in evolution involves expanding two things – awareness and community.

And so … in looking for signs of human evolution, we are seeking projects, groups, individuals, businesses and ideas that bring us to awareness and community.  The exciting thing about visiting places like Oslo, Charlottesville, Virginia Beach, Sarasota, Jupiter, the Florida Keys, Chattanooga and Nashville is finding these seeds of a new world, these “imaginal cells” of the new Humanity.

This past weekend, I was reminded of an evolutionary project I have known about and been associated with for 37 years!  I had the pleasure of a visit with my friend Phil Moore, who has been the director of Upland Hills School since 1971.  Although I wouldn’t have thought about it that way until recently, Upland Hills was and is an imaginal cell of the new humanity.

As someone who reached adulthood in the late 1960s and got caught up in political and social activism, I remember folks being against a lot of things.  But there were very few projects at the time moving forward a positive agenda.  In the alternative high school I helped start in Washington, D.C. in 1968, I remember what a challenge it was for our kids to have no authority figures to protest against!

When my then-girlfriend and I moved to Michigan in 1973 to work at what was then called Upland Hills Farm School, an entirely new world opened up to us.  Here was a school based around discovering the natural world, where freedom and structure were balanced to bring out the genius in each child in the context of community, and where there was a vibration of building what we DO want rather than protesting what we DON’T want.  Yes, there was political activism at the school, including a field trip to Washington, D.C. to support the Equal Rights Amendment.  More importantly, there was the building of nourishing community and development of individual gifts that bring the “heart” to any project for social change.

I am overjoyed that this unique project is thriving after nearly 40 years.  Next year, in fact, Upland Hills celebrates its 40th birthday, and I am thrilled to be part of that celebration.  So … introducing the first evolutionary project featured in this blog, because it was the first evolutionary project I was involved in.

Thank you Upland Hills School, and thank you Phil Moore for being an imaginal cell for so long.  You can learn more about this unique project here:

May it live long and prosper!

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