My Will, or Thy Will?

By Steve Bhaerman

“Science of Mind is great for planting seeds, but if you really want to manifest, nothing works like the Science of I-Don’t-Mind.”
— Swami Beyondananda

There’s an old riddle, “What makes God laugh?”

And the answer of course is, “Hearing our plans.”

Well, if you’re like me you’ve had the Creator in stitches lately, although you might not necessarily be chuckling along with the Cosmic Laugh Track. Fortunately, I’ve been co-teaching a very enlightening teleclass for the past six weeks – and true to cosmic comic form, I’ve very likely learned more than I taught.

That’s because my co-presenter Peter Tongue, a modern-day alchemist, has led us on a journey through the chakras that has paradoxically helped us become more grounded … so that we can ascend. If this seems a bit woo-woo (or even just “woo”), consider another quote by the Swami: “The whole world is a stage … just a stage we are passing through.”

As spiritual visionaries have been telling us for ages, this world is an episode on a very, very long-running comedy of situations. While we may have some definite ideas about what we wish to accomplish and experience during our lifetime here … ah, wait a minute, I think I hear a thunderous guffaw.

Anyway, in working with and listening to Peter over these past six weeks, an important distinction has emerged: My will vs. Thy Will. “My will” is an important starting place. It is my unique life expression, ways of loving and learning, heart’s desire. It is the vector of intention that I use to set my course. “Thy Will” is the 60 gazillion ton gorilla that has gotten its way since before the Big Bang went boom. I may have a clue, but Universe Knows Best.

That’s why the great spiritual teacher from the 1970s and 1980s, Ken Keyes instructed us to “up-level addictions to preferences.” It’s why the Law of Attraction so often ends up being the Law of Repulsion. Our very attachment to a particular outcome (not to mention a particular income) creates such a powerful field of wanting yet not having, that that field is perpetually perpetuated. We get so used to our dream being just out of reach that we keep recreating not quite getting there as our reality.

So the “trick” is to desire our desire with all our heart and soul … and release it to weave into time and space at the behest of Universal Will. But … but … but … The mind is a very insistent creature, and many if not all of us have been tricked into believing that the inner voice we are hearing is God’s Will when it’s really the ego’s swill. They don’t call the authentic voice a “still small voice” for nothing. In most of us it’s “still small,” and not easy to hear above the chatter of our own mind.

However, in last night’s Laugh Love Learn session focused on the Third Eye Chakra, a very important clue emerged: synchronicity. Synchronicities, minor miracles or major ones, indicate that “my will” is coming into coherence with Thy Will. Some call it being in the flow or the “zone,” and when we are in this space, things seem to come effortlessly, as if by magic. Think of a time in your life – and we have all had them – when the world seemed to open up to you. Nearly every experience you had, every person you met, had a valuable clue that pointed you in the right direction. You were in a certain place at just the right time to make a key contact – perhaps meeting the love of your life or finding the job of your dreams.

None of these magical encounters could have been planned (by you) and that’s the point. They weren’t. You just set your intention and course through your declaration, and these desires were so attuned to Universal Will that the manifestations were instant. And then, what happened? As soon as you tried to regain control of your life (because you thought that “you” created the magic), the magic disappeared as quickly as it came. So you grit your teeth and set your jaw, and determined to take even more control … and your course veered even further away from manifesting your destiny.

There’s another aspect of “my will vs. Thy Will,” and it has to do with all the other “me’s” in the Universe who have hopes, dreams and desires too. The Buddhists seem to have a handle on the individual / collective dichotomy. Since only individuals can become enlightened, the Buddhists are not collectivists. However, the focus of individual enlightenment has to do with the “thrival” of all beings. The classic Buddhist practice of tonglen involves breathing in the pain in the world, and breathing out love. In this sense, each of us is individually choosing to metabolize the toxins of the world and broadcast healing energy.

So … the short form of aligning the little me will with the Big Me Will involves two things: First, ask sincerely that what you desire be beneficial for all beings, and allow it to be modified accordingly. Second, cultivate synchronicities and happy coincidences. Keep track of miracles, minor and major, and note when they begin or if they stop. If they have stopped, you have gotten off track. Re-ask, and re-calibrate. Have you subtly or not-so-subtly inserted your will for Universal Will? Remember, where there’s a will there’s a won’t. Ask for clarity, and ask for signs.

Believe me, these are all lessons that are up in my life now, so I say them for me as much as for you. Offer, don’t impose. Receive, don’t grab. Surrender my will’s control, let Thy Will take command. Synchronicities and miracles happening? You’re hot. Synchronicities and miracles not happening? You’re not.

And if you find your plans are no longer making God laugh, no worries. Making God smile is just as good.

Seriously … and Humorously

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