Marianne Williamson Is FOR REAL – In More Ways Than One

The Top Ten Reasons She Should Be President

By Steve “Yogi” Bhaerman

“We have a deeply-divided body politic in this country. Half the people believe our system is broken. The other half believes it is fixed.” — Swami Beyondananda


There was a telling moment after the second Presidential debate in late July. Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm had just spoken glowingly of Marianne Williamson’s performance praising her “really compelling and authentic” answer on reparations, saying, “Honestly, I think she brought it.”

It didn’t take more than a few seconds before one of the other talking heads talked her down, saying, “Of course, she can’t win” with an added “ha-ha” for emphasis.

Marianne Williamson

Former Governor Granholm, a bit taken by surprise, had to nod in agreement in a gesture of “hey, what was I thinking?”

However, if you watch Marianne’s appearance on the Bill Maher Show a couple of nights later you’ll hear his comment that she was the most Googled candidate after the debates, and if you watch her other recent appearances, you will see that Marianne Williamson is “for real” because she’s for real.

There was a moment in the 2016 Presidential debates where I realized Donald Trump was going to win. It was when he pointed to Hillary and said, “See … this is how a politician speaks.”

And as I watched the panoply of candidates during that second debate, I realized that those who had been “in politics” and held elective office all spoke some version of politician-speak. Or worse yet, Democrat politician-speak where they fall prey to Republican talking points and get bogged down in this policy vs. that, which is of course Donald Trump’s wet dream. Yes, Uncle Bernie kept beating the drum of economic inequality and the need for health care, as did Elizabeth Warren. But it was Marianne Williamson who provided the deep context for the conversation, and who consequently got the biggest cheers of the night.

Her call for reparations for descendants of slaves was not the usual pandering to garner the “black vote” but rather a call to all Americans to make things right. She put the issue in proper economic perspective, as she cited the “40 acres and a mule” promised to each ex-slave family, enough to launch them in their own independent enterprise. She also recounted how, when Reconstruction ended and Union troops left the south, things reverted back to little more than slavery, and those gains were lost.

Equally important, she did something no Democrat would dare to do – call out evil by name, and courageously face the “dark of heartlessness” that has secretly been in charge for two generations. Consider that beneath the benign countenance of Barack Obama, predatory corporations like Monsanto continued to call the shots, and put their own people into “regulatory” positions. Same with big Pharma, the oil and petrochemical industry, and the military industrial complex. No wonder so many people were so fed up with the status quo that they either went for Trump or stayed home.

In another recent interview, Marianne called Trump an “opportunistic infection” that was able to take hold in an unhealthy political climate. She was the only candidate on stage that night that rightly maintained that above and beyond the “health care” issue was the fundamental issue of why Americans are so sick in the first place. Of course, this involves calling out those above-mentioned industries that have toxified our environment, not to mention the economic system where 40% of Americans are living from paycheck to paycheck – often without the paycheck – and the financial stress is making them sick.

The other candidates focused on content, content, content.

Marianne is all about context – the meta-story behind the “issues” that the other Democratic candidates seem so absorbed with. The applause Marianne got was because FINALLY someone was addressing the “elephant and donkey” in the living room – that both parties are party to the corruption that has disenfranchised and disheartened the people of this country.

Of course, now that Marianne failed to qualify for the next round of debates, the corporate media pundits are trying to convince us “she doesn’t count.” Well, she DOES count because she is focusing the conversation on REAL reality – the crises we face, the shadow we must confront, and the power of love to overcome the illusion of separation.

Not only does she count, we have counted the ways she counts.

So in all due seriousness and humor, we present:

The Top Ten Reasons Marianne Williamson Should Be President.

# 10. Her plan to pay reparations to the descendants of slaves is the best plan yet to pay off our National Karmic Debt.

# 9. She will leave corporate lobbyists where they belong, in the lobby, while we the people occupy the corridors of power.

# 8. She has the soundest investment advice of any candidate – investing in our children is investing in our future.

# 7. She knows the best way to address climate change is through political climate change – instead of pulling ourselves apart in a tug-of-war, we all pull in the same direction in a tug-of-peace.

# 6.   While other candidates are resigned to war as a necessary evil, Marianne’s Department of Peace will establish peace as a necessary good.

# 5. Who better than a healer of souls to go up against a soulless heel (who is in reality an unhealed soul)?

# 4. She will restore the missing ingredient in government of, by and for the people – the PEOPLE.

# 3. She is the conscience and the consciousness of the Democratic Party.

# 2. Using the slingshot of love, she can make Goliath go lieth down.

#1. Because America needs a return to love – and NOW is the time because it is too late to do it sooner.

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Steve “Yogi” Bhaerman is a writer, humorist and political uncommontator who has spent the past 33 years writing and performing as Swami Beyondananda, the “cosmic comic.” As the Swami, he is the author of “Swami for Precedent: A 7-Step Plan to Heal the Body Politic and Cure Electile Dysfunction” and his latest, “Totally Quips of the Swami.” On the more serious side he is co-author with cellular biologist Bruce Lipton, of “Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There From Here.”  He hosts a weekly radio podcast, Wiki Politiki, designed to bring “left and right front and center to face the music and dance together.”

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