Loving the Water, Healing the World

Loving the Water, Healing the World

A Ceremony of Compassion, Gratitude and Forgiveness

“Water is our most precious liquid asset.”
— Swami Beyondananda


Dear Friends and Co-Hearts:

Last month, I wrote a piece about the Fukushima disaster, and in addition to the nuclear fall-out, there has been a different kind of fall-out as well. The news (and the lack of news) from the afflicted nuclear plant in Japan has created a field of fear, confusion, mistrust and betrayal.  It is a situation that calls for healing in every way.  As I cast about for a way to possibly make a difference, I heard a quiet voice.

“We can pray.”

“Will that help?” I asked the disembodied voice.

“So?” said the voice, suddenly taking on the intonation of my Yiddish fore-Bhaermans.  “Could it HURT?”

And that’s when I thought of my friend and Co-Heart, Celeste Yacoboni, who in addition to her soon-to-be-published book How Do You Pray? offers us a time-tested, powerful instrument of forgiveness to help us hold and strengthen a tangible field of love.

That tool / process is Ho ‘oponopono, “making the right right.”  Perhaps you’ve heard the story of how Doctor Hu Len “healed” an institution for the criminally insane — by doing this on himself!

As we began planning our worldwide ceremony to heal Fukushima and the waters of the Pacific, we received a communication from David Spangler, one of the founders of the Findhorn Community, which was a “prayer request for the waters of the world.”

That’s when we realized that if we really want to heal Fukushima — not just the fallout from the event itself, but from the misunderstandings and misperceptions at the root of the situation — the best way is to use Ho ‘oponopono to heal ALL water, and in so doing heal ourselves — we are after all 70% water!

A Chance to “Take the Field” Together — in a Whole New Ballgame

We invite you to join with us and add YOUR voice to the ceremony, and send the vibrations of love, wholeness, coherence and healing through the water of the world, and ourselves.

Join us for this powerful healing ceremony on Thursday, February 6th from 8:30 – 9:30 am PT by registering here now.

Celeste Yacoboni will lead the ceremony and will be joined by Humanity’s Team’s Steve Farrell, and myself.  After the ceremony, you will have a chance to share about your experience, and hear others from around the world do the same.  (You can get a preview of the chant by going to Celeste’s site, How Do You Pray?)

As we create a field of loving forgiveness around the waters of earth, we do the same for ourselves.

Please join us for this powerful hour, and multiply and “loverage” your healing intentions.

Yours in love, laughter and upwising,

Steve Bhaerman
Steve Farrell
Celeste Yacoboni

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