If You Don’t Like the Old News, Let’s Make Some New News!*

A Special Notes From the Trail Update

By Steve Bhaerman

First, the old news.

Guess what the # 1 book on Amazon is right now? It’s Decision Points, George W. Bush’s autobiography. Well, if you’re one of those who believe the Decider should be run through the decider mill, here’s a chance to feed two birds with one scone: You can topple George Bush from the top, and install a book that says it all in its title: War Is A Lie. 

Help send War is a Lie up the pop charts to # 1 on Amazon, and you will have helped make some new news.

If you think this book will find support only on the left, think again. Nearly 80 years ago, a highly-decorated U.S. Marine General named Smedley Butler wrote an even more blunt screed called War Is A Racket, where he suggested that in fighting wars on behalf of the U.S.A. he was really working for Standard Oil and National City Bank. In Current times, we have the Ron Paulist faction of the Tea Partiers who see through the scam of perpetual war on behalf of the American empire.

There is an elephant – and for that matter, a donkey – in the living room. That is, the mainstream factions in both parties are cowed by the military industrial complex, and continue to publicly “sell” war as a solution, when in reality it’s the problem. Not that the body politic doesn’t have to call in the Mr. T cells to deal with toxic sociopathogens from time to time. But the world has adopted war as a lifestyle, and it is a lifestyle choice that is no longer sustainable.

Bucky Fuller talks about the “trimtab,” the part of a boat’s rudder that turns the rudder, which in turn turns the ship. Bucky’s point is that the trimtab is small, but by applying just the right leverage, a great change can occur.

So … here’s our opportunity.

Imagine the leverage of having a book called War Is a Lie right at the top of the Amazon charts for all to see? Imagine the next step … taking it to #1 on the New York Times.

Then imagine millions of people reading and discussing this book – and the resulting mass upwising as people wake up left and right to see how we’ve been hoodwinked by those winking hoods and sold a bill of bads.

But first, imagine you and a half a million of your friends, allies and associates each clicking on the link below THIS WEEK and buying a copy (or two, or three) of David Swanson’s new book, War Is A Lie.

Imagine the leverage with that many people saying “amen” to that statement, and affirming that we are ready – really – for a new way. This act could be the trimtab that turns the ship of state around.

Just go here today and buy War Is A Lie.

I bought my copy today.

May left and right come front and center to bring peace, not at the point of gun … but as the point of a massive upwising.

And speaking of upwisings, you can help move the Transpartisan Upwising forward by going here: http://transpartisan.us/ If you resonate with the mission, we’re looking for someone to work with us as a paid fundraiser. Think you may be interested and qualified? Contact us by email and putting “fund raiser” in the subject box.

* An adaptation of a classic quote from our friend Scoop Nisker.

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