How “Pravda” Reported Bernie’s Win in Michigan

“Mainstream media is a brainwashing machine stuck on spin.”

— Swami Beyondananda

Those of you who are old enough probably remember that the “official” Soviet press was called Pravda, which in Russian means “truth”. We Americans always had a good chuckle out of that obviously Orwellian term. Of course what we didn’t know was that inside the Soviet Union, one of their jokes was:

  1. What’s the difference between Pravda and the American press?
  2. The Soviet citizens know they are being lied to.


Fortunately, there is an upwising afoot and more and more Americans recognize the sad truth that our press is more interested in crowd control than truth. And the crowd is getting harder to control. Consider that the energy this election cycle is around the two candidates that have NOT been handpicked by the power structure, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

Yes, Trump — or as I prefer to call him T-Rump — is to me the last gasp of the dominate-or-be-dominated paradigm. He is the past. He is the invitation to “look back” and be turned into a pillar of assault. He is scary to the Republicans not only because he could destroy that entire party, not just because they recognize him as a fascist menace, but also as a wild card he could say anything, and that “anything” might be disruptive to the carefully-manufactured consent that passes for “democracy” in our sadly isolated country.

Bernie — as I have been saying all along — is the future. His worldview is about relatedness, not separation, about authenticity and congruence. Hillary — like Bill — is the “Clintessential” politics as usual. The power structure — the military industrial complex, the neoliberal neocons, agribusiness, etc., etc. — loves Hillary. Bernie? He can bern as far as they’re concerned.

Maybe that’s why the Washington Post ran 16 anti-Bernie articles in 16 hours, kind of like Pravda might have.

So from here on in, I will refer to the mainstream American press as “Pravda”.

To clarify, I am not being cynical here. Quite the opposite. In order to hold the space of “upwising”, to moving forward in awareness, functionality and a world of thrival for all, we must open ourselves to the truth, even the unpleasant parts. I was amazed — but not surprised — a few months ago when a well-meaning progressive said to me, “Well, if 911 were an inside job I would have heard about it on NPR.”

If we turn our noses up at the “ignoranuses” voting for T-Rump, then surely we should hold ourselves to a higher standard as well — in recognizing some of the inconvenient truths about the mainstream press. For this self-education, I recommend two sources that both get high “marks” in my book. First, the courageous journalist Mark Crispin Miller ( who stood alone in reporting the stolen election in 2004 in his book Fooled Again.

The other Mark is Mark Robinowitz, whose website Peak Choice ( offers some key new distinctions in how to discern the difference between good information, disinformation, misinformation and missing information. Check out his website, and you’ll understand how partial truths are allowed to “hang out there” while the deepest truths are hidden.

Again, this not about cynicism. It’s about awakening!

And finally, how DID Pravda spin Bernie’s victory in Michigan?

Here is the New York Times lead line after announcing Sanders’ victory: “Mr. Sanders’s upset in Michigan threatened to prolong the Democratic campaign.”

Imagine that. The extent of the Sanders “threat” is to prolong the campaign.

The only thing they can extract from that victory to feed the intelligentsia who read the Times is that his victory is a temporary, minor inconvenience on the way to Hillary’s “let them eat cake-walk” to the nomination. Why don’t they just confess that voters themselves are minor inconveniences, a necessary evil in a “democracy”?

Bernie’s victory in Michigan is perhaps his most important one yet. It’s a shift of momentum and it’s about a key blue state. With the unions and the well-established Democratic Party infrastructure, they could have gone for Hillary. A short while ago, Hillary was ahead by 25 points.

And while there may have been some Harry Reid hanky-panky in Nevada, and some truly disturbing interference in Massachusetts (See this and this) it is going to take more than lying and cheating to stop the Sanders express.

Get ready for a wild ride.


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