Evolutionary Upwising Overview

An Evolutionary Upwising — An Overview

I.  Why Evolutionary Upwising?

As my Spontaneous Evolution co-author biologist Bruce Lipton has said, crisis precipitates evolution … and as we look at the perfect storm of crises facing humanity and the planet, we see the chances of precipitation are 100%.  So the good news is, as the unsustainable practices of a “too big to NOT fail” civilization fall away, new forms and structures are arising.  The metaphor Bruce and I use in our book is the metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly.  It makes no sense to try to “fix” the caterpillar when transformation is required; it makes all the sense in the world to gather together with other imaginal cells and coalesce the newly emerging butterfly civilization.

This certainly sounds like a noble ideal … and to manifest that ideal as the “real deal” humanity will have to take a great leap forward.   The transformation will have to take place in the individual and in the collective human psyche, as we come to recognize the conclusion that Bruce and I came to in our book:  The next phase of human evolution is seeing that we are each and all cells in a super-organism called Humanity.

Over the past few generations, our species has demonstrated its power to impact the entire eco-system.  In terms of “footprint,” call us Bigfoot.  To survive and thrive, we must now cultivate a big Brain and an even bigger Heart so that we use our intelligence more intelligently to “go sane.”

This awakened awareness is already happening on thousands of fronts, AND perhaps now is the time to gather all those good intentions under One Big Intent – thrival for all.  More than 50 years ago, the visionary practical philosopher Buckminster Fuller called this forth as the World Game:  “To make the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time through spontaneous cooperation without ecological damage or disadvantage to anyone.”

A tall order … and a worthy mission statement for a Super-Organism.

OK … so what?  And why Evolutionary Upwising?

As I have discovered in more than 25 years of traveling and performing “cosmic comedy,” humor is a valuable tool in a number of ways:

• It softens the impact of inconvenient truths that must be faced, by offering a light and playful way to engage with heavy, serious situations

• It creates catchy language that can catch on as catchy, transformational memes

• It circumvents our “normal” defenses and allows us to become curious about new ideas

• It actually helps “evolve” our brain, helping us make new synaptic connections, and find new alternatives beyond the “this-or-that” dualities

• It’s funny, and it’s FUN

“Evolutionary Upwising” is a play on “revolutionary uprising.”  The word “revolution” implies the same forces come around again and again, the same vicious cycle of viciousness that keeps us “on the wheel.”  Evolution is an emergence into something new.  Instead of an uprising – a rebellion AGAINST a perceived enemy – an “upwising” suggests rising to a greater wisdom to see beyond dueling dualities towards an integrated solution that “includes and transcends” (and trance-ends, as well).

Evolutionary Upwising reinforces and develops what Bruce and I suggest in Spontaneous Evolution – we humans must begin to think and act like a species, in coherence and with a unified sense of purpose.  This is not what many fear to be some “new world order” where a top-down authority tells us what to think, do and feel.  Rather it comes from “a critical mass of the heretofore uncritical masses” awakening to find connection with the One Spirit, then beginning to live from this Center and connect with other humans on a similar path.  Paradoxically, the more we individuals gather in community, the more freedom we will have as individuals – freedom from the huge energetic burden of war and toxic competition with other healthy humans, freedom from past limiting programming, and freedom to fulfill one’s own unique destiny.

If that sounds utopian, consider that the 50 trillion-cell community beneath our skin would simply call it “health.”

Seriously … and humorously … this is a do-or-die situation for our species.  We have the power to build, and the power to destroy and how we work together now will determine the future of our civilization, our species, and maybe even our planet. We may even think of this unique time in human history as our collective Hero’s Journey, with Humankind cast in the role of Hero … a cast of billions, and a once-in-a-lifetime show.

Evolutionary Upwising reflects my personal mission to bring together a movement of movements that will help create the infrastructure for this new organism, Humanity.  It involves a great leap forward, that I’ve broken into four simple steps:

Wake Up …

Wise Up …

Grow Up …

Show Up …

Wake Up to the evolutionary reality that we are all in it together, and the spiritual reality that transcends both religion and non-religion … we are spiritual beings having a human experience, we are here to learn individually, and learn together.  In this key first step, we awaken from the illusion of separation – from the One Spirit, from one another, and from our own authentic selves.  Incidentally, laughing is a great way to awaken, mainly because hearty laughter takes us out of our head and into our heart, where we take the next step …

Wise Up to both the awful truth and the awesome opportunity … to who we’ve been because of prior programming, and to who we now can become, if we so choose.  We wise up to see beyond our own BS (belief systems) and begin to cohere around the most powerful tool in the human toolkit – the power of love.  As Swami says, “Love – if it’s good enough for Jesus, Buddha and the Beatles, it’s good enough for me.”  What that means in practical terms is that we cultivate the three aspects of Love that Plato identified two dozen centuries ago – Truth, Beauty and Goodness.

Grow Up from passive-aggressive children of God to fully responsible adults of God.  This growing up is not into some conventional overly-serious grown-up, but rather it means growing “upward” to embrace higher wisdom and greater responsibility.  This new maturity as a species means having more energy available to build together rather than defend against one another.  We become capable of response-ability, the ability to respond creatively, not merely react reflexively.

Show Up for the “greatest show on earth,” Humanity itself on the Hero’s Journey where each of us is encouraged to live the life we were meant to live.  As Swami says, “each of us is totally unique just like everyone else.”  Imagine a world where each child is encouraged to cultivate her or his unique genius, to be all that they can be without necessarily joining the army.  It may sound like “heaven on earth,” and that may indeed be the choice facing Humanity.  Again quoting Bucky Fuller, in this shrinking world that could use a good shrink, our stark either-or choice is “utopia or oblivion.”

II.  Evolutionary Upwising – What and How?

So, how do we take a playful idea and compelling story and leverage (actually “loverage”) it into a movement?  Based on my own vision, mission, gifts and strengths, I commit myself to manifesting the following:

1. Evolutionary Upwising:  A Humanifesto.  This 30-page e-booklet is designed to inspire an awakening Humanity to gather under “One Big Intent” – thrival for all, or some version of Bucky Fuller’s World Game vision.  Yes, there have been many such documents, so how would this be different or better?  In addition to being a playful call to humans to come play together, we will offer an opportunity for contributors all across the planet to “wiki-fy” it by creating clarifications and improvement, and then voting on the clearest mission statement for an awakening Humanity.

2. Evolutionary Upwising:  From Survival to Thrival (Book).  This book (outline provided upon request) will be a simple and playful way of integrating evolutionary ideas and projects into an integrated whole.  Building on the work that Bruce Lipton and I did in Spontaneous Evolution, this book will take this material into the arena of practical application.  In addressing three key questions – What’s So?  So What?  Now What? – the book will apply a simple context to the complex content of 21st century civilization.  The book will also include key quotes and insights from leading evolutionary thinkers and doers that will weave all of their work into a coherent and cohesive movement.  The e-book version of the book will utilize leading edge We-jit technology (http://www.mywejit.com/were-moving-from-me-to-we) that will empower generative conversations around numerous topics covered in the book.  These conversations / learning circles could very well provide the “nervous system” the healthy organism called Humanity will need to navigate these evolutionary times.

3. Evolutionary Upwising – the Website.  This will be the evolutionary hub / gathering place where those who identify with this meme will be able to find and share the highest-quality information.  Rather than reinvent what is already being done, this site will serve as a portal (we call it “supportal”) to worthy ideas, individuals and endeavors.  As wiki conversations emerge to find emergent solutions to current challenges, we will engage the help of Cure-Raters for each key question.  The Cure-Rater’s job will be to aggregate the most helpful information and become a “flexible expert” / learning community leader to continually evolve best practices and highlight successful ventures so that learning accelerates.

4. Evolutionary Upwising – Radio Show.  Imagine … an entertaining, informative, inspiring weekly radio (and eventually TV) show that highlights the positive projects and people transforming the planet, and does it with humor and high-level entertainment.  Think Prairie Home Companion meets New Dimensions (or Coast to Coast meets the Daily Show) … including music and comedy, an entertaining hour that people can listen to live or download for later. In addition to enlightening comedy, the show will include “innerviews” with evolutionary leaders, music, and reports from key “uncommontators” who would report on a regular basis.  (The show will also have sponsors.  Details to follow.)

5. Evolutionary Upwising — Membership Organization and Learning Community.  In addition to the radio show, we would do a series of 20-minute interview segments on a variety of topics, under the rubric “Evolving ______.”  These could include Evolving Politics, Evolving Economics, Evolving Wellbeing, Evolving Education, etc., etc.  The individual interviews under each topic could be woven together and edited into a comprehensive evolutionary curriculum around that particular issue, and sold as a CD set or download.  Each of these can also be turned into a teleclass — either a series or a one-day event.  There is an exciting new model emerging that will enable large numbers of individuals paying small amounts of money to tune in and participate — this will certainly accelerate the upwising.  We will also initiate a membership program, paid and unpaid, and all members will receive a daily message / news item that highlights a sign that the upwising is indeed underway.  Members will also have access to interviews with luminaries, experts, and co-hearts, as well as a monthly conference call with a special guest.

6. Evolutionary Upwising World Win Tour.  Beginning in April 2014, Trudy and I will be embarking on a national tour to offer Swami’s cosmic comedy, our presentation on Involuntary Simplicity:  From Survival to Thrival, and events that celebrate and move forward the upwising, globally and locally.  We have engaged an “outreach coordinator” to put together these events, with the first scheduled in Ashland, Oregon the last weekend in April.  In addition, the radio show will go “mobile” and a video dimension will be added as well as Trudy and I seriously and playfully seek out “signs of human evolution” everywhere we go.

This idea has been in formulation for several years, and now we believe we have the formula for making it not only sustainable, but also financially generative in a way that will support many healthy worthy endeavors.  We invite your participation, and we invite you to invite YOUR community to “JOIN THE UPWISING!”

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3 Responses to Evolutionary Upwising Overview

  1. admin says:

    Yes, Foster is a friend and colleague …

  2. I have read your blog on Institutionalized Insanity for the first time, and my search to contact you led to this blog. I would like to include your site on my links page, so any who is on my site will find you. The more of us with like-mindedness make connection, the more the message can move into the consciousness of our culture. And what you say needs to be out there.

    We have been dependent on institutions to change the disturbing direction our civilization seems to be headed, but individuals in the guise of institutions created the problems and they fight for power on a level that created the problems, not on the level where the problems are experienced and from which they will be healed. All of what is happening in the outer world is a reflection of what is going on inside us, individually and collectively… And, only when we identify the parts within us that are screaming out for our attention, and then bring our consciousness to heal what is within, can we discover the solutions that will transform the outer experience.

    Many of us seem to be receiving the message that we need to expand beyond the safe places where we know our messages are heard and understood and find the ways to speak to those with no idea the messages have been out there for quite a long time.

    You and your venturing out into the places that have not know you or your message is commendable. You will remain in my heart prayers as you implement your vision.

    Dr. Sandy Sela-Smith

  3. David C. Galloway says:

    It is interesting in this article how you refer to the importance of thriving since Foster Gamble pretty much says the same thing. He is a descendant of James Gamble one of the founders of Proctor and Gamble. You should check out his website and DVD.

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