Co-Hearts and Sponsors

A special thanks to these individuals, businesses and organizations that actively support Notes From the Trail!

Please check out and support their worthy work … as imaginal cells in our newly-emerging global-local economy.

Profound Founding Sponsors

My Heart Centered Journey

Co-Hearts Shari Chase and Peter Tongue are two teachers who walk their talk. A modern-day alchemist, Peter makes the magical practical. Shari is the owner of one of the most successful luxury real estate firms in the country, and she has done it by creating a mutually-supportive team. Together, they are developing the “realer” estate of the heart. Please check them out.



Institute of HeartMath

We are pleased to be sponsored by the Institute of HeartMath, whose work is cited in Spontaneous Evolution. They are pioneers in measuring and cultivating “heart coherence,” which is another way of saying “love manifest through vibration.” Check out also the Global Coherence Initiative which seeks to measure the impact of meditation and other forms of collective coherence on the planet’s energy field.


Anodea Judith / Sacred Centers Pathways for Personal and Global Transformation

Anodea’s work with the chakra system is thoughtful, deep, helpful and encompasses many disciplines and areas of studies. She is truly a wise woman, and in fact she is the one who introduced us to the term “co-heart.” So it is fitting that she be one.


The Heritage Store

We have been connected with the Heritage Store in Virginia Beach, Virginia since Swami first hit the road nearly 25 years ago. Tom Johnson, the store’s owner, is a pioneer (one of the first holistic stores in the country), philanthropist, and visionary. Congratulations on their move to a new space in Virginia Beach. Check them out … they do mail order as well.


Conscious Nashville

Conscious Nashville is a unique network that is looking to bring together the entire Nashville holistic community in a mutually-supportive endeavor. It is a pioneering project that is a practical expression of what “heartland security” is all about.


Transitions Radio Magazine

We’ve been friends with Alan Hutner since Swami’s first visit to New Mexico in 1987, and Transitions Radio – broadcast live locally and on the internet – is a truly unique, entertaining and educational program. It defies format as Alan and his partner Elizabeth Rose weave music, interviews and uncommon commentary into a three hour weekly show.


Barefoot Compression Therapy

If you are fed up with suffering from back pain, neck pain, hip pain, (which is definitely not hip to have) (my pun, and certainly not essential to the message) carpel tunnel syndrome, migraines, etc, contact Swami and Trudy’s favorite body worker, Joel Hillman. Joel practices a potent and powerful form of body work called Barefoot Compression Therapy that really and truly works to relieve chronic pain and helps heal injuries. And not just temporarily. It really holds and really heals. To make an appointment, call him at (415) 461-4308 or check out You will not be disappointed.


Aztec Superfood “MILA”

The Aztec Superfood MILA is the highest & safest natural source of Omega 3_s on the planet. Not a powder, not a pill, not a juice, MILA is a whole raw food and a blend of the 6 most nutrient dense strains of Salvia hispanica L seed, carefully tested and selected to be the highest in Omega 3_s, fiber, protein, antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals. Many people report benefits including weight loss, greatly reduced joint pain, significant lowering of cholesterol and blood pressure, increased energy, mental clarity, mood lifting, improved digestion, hormone balancing, pre-natal health, mental health and so much more! We strongly recommend that you try it. One pound lasts 5 weeks. Click here to learn more and/or purchase: For additional information call 415-461-4308.



Founding Sponsors

Healing Touch Quick Steps

Fellow co-hearts Barbara and Tom Semple of Compassionate Healing Instruction LLC facilitate you engaging your body’s natural system of healing.  Barbara’s innovative Healing Touch Quick Steps from her best selling book, Instant Healing, have helped me repeatedly to restore equanimity and relax from stressful situations. I find myself quite often naturally applying the Quick Steps. They effortlessly complement whatever you are doing for your health and well being, which ultimately supports your personal empowerment in Heartland Security!


Upland Hills School

I have been a friend of Upland Hills School since 1973! It is a truly unique educational community where each child is “known,” and freedom and structure are both in all the right places. If you’re looking to see how children can thrive both as individuals and as members of a community, please see what these folks are up to.


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