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A Cure for Electile Dysfunction?

By Steve Bhaerman “We have a deeply divided body politic.  Half of Americans believe our elections are broken.  The other half believes they are fixed.” — Swami Beyondananda The toxic orgy is over – for now. For months, the media … Continue reading

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Voting Democrat This Year Is a No-Bahrainer!

“The problem with failing to choose the lesser of two evils is … you end up with the greater evil.”– Swami Beyondananda The greatest frustration in the bipolar insanity of our “two-potty” system is that until we the people find … Continue reading

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Obama or Nobama, It’s Still Up to Us

With Obama AWOL, the Evolutionary Up-Wising Must Proceed Without Him By Steve Bhaerman “For the past generation, the Republicans have been playing hardball … and the Democrats have been playing hardly-have-balls.” — Swami Beyondananda Well, what do you know? It’s … Continue reading

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