Beyond Hope and Hopelessness – How to Have True Political Climate Change

By Steve Bhaerman

“We have a deeply divided body politic.  Half our population believes our elections are broken.  The other half thinks they are fixed.”
— Swami Beyondananda

In watching the “upwising” in Wisconsin, we see an exasperating paradox.  On the progressive side, we see a backlash that might very well become a “front lash” against the unmitigated power of money to rule in America.  On the Tea Party side, we see those who have had it up to here with entrenched bureaucracy that they believe is devouring the middle class from the other end.

Each of these groups is focused on one aspect of the Goliath called “the corporate state.”  But if we are ever going to amass enough political clout to make Goliath “go lieth down,” both the “corporate” and the “state” aspects must be addressed as one.  As we have seen, one side or another might temporarily gather the anger and votes to push things their way … and then comes the reaction.  While left and right are pulling from side to side, the entire system is inevitably on track for a train wreck.

So … what if angry activists on both sides – or representatives from these groups – were put in a situation to mutually air their grievances, and then notice what they hold in common?  While such conversations can be loud and “messy” at the outset, when polarities are held and contained in the “sacred circle” of council, breakthroughs can and do occur.  That’s what my latest e-book with Joseph McCormick is about.  Joseph has convened – and is convening – such circles, and he has had remarkable success.

Consider the political issues that get your attention (or, in contrast, are so troubling you do all you can to avoid thinking about them):

  • The bilking and milking of the middle class by a predatory banking system.
  • The unchecked, unbalanced rule by the power of money that controls our media, our elections, and our destiny.
  • The unchecked, unbalanced power of the military industrial complex to keep the war economy going regardless of the will of the people.
  • The prosecution and persecution of courageous whistleblowers who shine a light on our empire’s shadow.
  • The deeper and darker secrets that get lumped together as “conspiracy theories” because frankly, the thought of any of these being true is too horrific to imagine.

What do all of these issues have in common?  Two things:

1. As long as we have a divided body politic, the current power structure remains safely in place.

2. When we the people step outside the established matrix of political conversation, and gather around the virtues and values 90% of us share in common, these issues will be aired, and a common way of addressing them will become obvious.

When political crisis erupts, the easiest thing to do is to hang with one’s own “tribe” and the familiar ideas that haven’t worked in the past.  To paraphrase Einstein, a problem cannot be solved at the same level it was created.  So the question is, how fed up are you with politics as usual?  Will ignoring the situation, turning away from it, make it better? How much more evidence is required for us to see that when few rule, few benefit?  What kind of world do we want our children, grandchildren and their children to inherit?

We hope you will spend a small amount of money and a couple of hours of your time to read the book and become re-inspired and re-energized about the evolutionary upwising that is taking place RIGHT NOW.

Here are the first reviews and responses to Reuniting America:  A Toolkit For Changing the Political Game:

“This book is a great idea-generator! Transpartisan dialogue is so needed and I’d like to see Citizen Recovery groups throughout our country. Diversity and collaboration are needed to move ourselves to the next level of governance — one that can deal with the tremendous complexity of issues facing us and also utilize the great advances of 21st century technologies. The IT is an example of the result of collaboration to create whole new models of communicating. Perhaps soon we’ll see Wiki-governance emerge. Bless you both for leading us to new tell-a-vision!”Dr. Dorothea Hover-Kramer, author, Second Chance at Your Dreams

“The best part of the book is [Joseph’s] fascinating personal story. That is likely the main reason that people might be attracted to it. Second comes Steve’s humorous and compelling pull quotes. Third comes the discussion of your first national leadership gathering. That had some interesting moments and insights.”Dr. David Korten, author, When Corporations Rule the World

“This book is not a scam. It’s in a category by itself. I stayed up half the night reading it … very useful and inspiring. It helped me change my approach to dialogue with the opposite party. The book is here and not a moment too soon. It is a good read and full of useful ways to facilitate a change for the better.”Karin Wells, portrait artist,

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