A Unique and Hilarious Gift

A Unique and Hilarious Gift for Notes From the Trail Subscribers

“We are living in times of great upheaval, not to mention downheaval. The good news is, compared to downheaval, upheaval is the lesser of two heavals.”
— Steve Bhaerman

Dear Friends and Co-Hearts:

First of all, thank you for being with us during 2010, and thank you for being part of an evolutionary upwising. In these challenging times when “not-seeism” is rampant (that is where people choose to not see what should be obvious, but is too uncomfortable to look at), I applaud you for being willing to face the darkness, and embrace the light.

In 2011, I am committed to doing whatever I can do to help transform the body politic (and we human “cells” that comprise it) through love and laughter. An associate just sent me a quote from novelist Doris Lessing, who writes: “The researchers of brainwashing and indoctrination discovered that the people who knew how to laugh resisted best … Laughter is a very powerful thing, and only the civilized, the liberated, the free person can laugh at herself, himself.”

Laughter invites the light, and brings clarity and courage. And that brings me to my special offer to Notes From the Trail subscribers.

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However, we do cheerfully accept donations to support our work. And as we approach the end of the year, I’m calling on those friends and co-hearts and readers who are able to do so to renew your paid subscription (or become a first-time paid subscriber) for 2011.

You can become a subscriber for just $33, or if you are so inspired, a sponsor for $333 or a “Super-sidizer” (a supersized subsidizer) for $999. However, for any contribution made at this time, I am offering a unique gift that might offset some of the “seriousness” of the times. It’s a brand new, never-before seen e-book on The Zen Cohens of Harry Cohen Baba, and includes three-dozen of the funniest jokes in the world. Some are perfect for after dinner speakers, and others for “way after dinner speakers.”

In addition to being hilarious, most of these jokes / stories are “teaching stories.” For anyone who makes presentations – or simply those who want to cultivate the practice of comic storytelling – these stories are “audience tested” and rich in cosmic comic wisdom.

For those who are curious about Zen Cohens, and who this mysterious teacher, Harry Cohen Baba, might be … well, you’ll have to read the book’s intro to find out. Briefly, Harry Cohen Baba was Swami Beyondananda’s teacher who showed him “the way of the Foo Ling Master.” Harry Cohen Baba went to the mountains (OK, the Catskill Mountains), and sat at the feet of the Great Ones – Henny, Benny, and yes, even Lenny – and came back with these healing jokes called Zen Cohens, which are designed to ignite a flash of enlightenment with a spark of laughter. Zen Cohens enlighten while they brighten, leave an aha in the wake of the ha-ha, and always impart some imparticle of wisdom.

Go here https://www.wakeuplaughing.com/epistore/index.php?category=Misc
to become a paid subscriber now, and you’ll have this hilarious e-book in PDF form in your inbox by Friday, January 8th.

And wait … there’s more. Become a sponsor, and the Swami will make a Skype appearance geared especially for your group. Become a Super-sidizer, and Swami will perform at in your living room (or other venue of your choice) … transportation is extra, but no extra if we happen to be in your area already.

So, thank you in advance for taking advantage of any of these offers, and even if you are unable to make any donation whatsoever, thank you for being a reader of Notes From the Trail.

May we have lots to laugh about, and much to smile about in 2011.

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